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Deadly Straits

Deadly Straits - R.E. McDermott There are numerous reviews that tell you the storyline and plot so I will not duplicate their fine synopses. I do wonder why some gave glowing reviews that resulted in only four stars.

Mr McDermott has written a first rate debut novel of suspense and intrigue. I hope that our security services realize the potential for similar terrorist activities. The author has written a complex story of intrigue with great characters. He has provided the reader with characters we can empathize with, or hate, or hope for.

Personally, I was happy to read a maritime novel by someone very familiar with that industry. The references are all authentic and you can tell that the author personally has been where the story happens. All this brings an aura of realism to the story.

I highly recommend this novel to anyone interested in intrigue, suspense, action, or mystery genres. I hope that the author continues to write as I am hungry for more. This book is easily in the class of the good Tom Clancy and Le Carre books.