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Naming the Moon

Naming the Moon - Joseph Valentinetti This novella could have been so much more if the author had invested the time and energy. The two plot lines are incomplete and need much more substance. The characters are not developed sufficiently. It is too bad really as the author really has some talent. If he had developed the stories to their full fruition, I would have been much more satisfied. The two plots are good concepts but they just don't go anywhere. A round past a decent bout of editing would also be warranted as the novella is choppy and does not flow well.

I have also read his longer novella, Tyler Palewhite. That book is an improvement over Naming the Moon because of the time taken to develop the story more effectively. It does suffer from the same lack of editing.

I expect that time and the addition of a good editor will elevate this author to a much higher level and probable commercial success.