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Twenty-Five Years Ago Today

Twenty-Five Years Ago Today - Stacy Juba Most reviews center on the story line. I read reviews to find out which genre the book is, the quality of the writing, the character development, and how the author fared keeping the reader interested. There are no spoilers here as I will not address the story line as such.

Overall an excellent first novel. I enjoyed the fluid writing style. The author created a good array of characters and intertwined them very well. The first 80% of the book had me engrossed. As the plot started to wind towards the ending, I felt the story took on a tried and true ending. I was able to figure out the ending easily and that was a disappointment. The book really deserves some twists instead of the very predictable linear ending.

I do recommend this book to anyone that enjoys mysteries and suspense. Stacy has the skills required for a first tier author. I will read more of the author's work including Sink or Swim which was included in an extract form in the ebook I read.