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Seven Point Eight : The First Chronicle

Seven Point Eight : The First Chronicle - Marie Harbon I am a licensed professional engineer so I have a strong math and science background. That is perhaps a negative because this book is a ethereal paranormal romp through space. The physical boundaries of science are ignored to fit the premise of this book. I must congratulate the author for her research into the sciences and physics in particular. She was able to interweave the physical and cerebral sciences into a compatible story. Who knows, maybe a few centuries in the future will prove the author to have been clairvoyant.

The writing style varies. I found the story to be very entertaining when it involved the primary characters, Tahara, Paul, and Max. The same is not true of the secondary characters. The story seems to be written in secondary character segments that give equal weights between the characters. I can only surmise that the secondary characters will become bigger players in the next four installments of the chronicle. That would be OK if the entire chronicle was complete thus allowing the reader to read through the work in its entirety.

At times I was very into the story. Other times it left me wondering what I was reading. I really gave it 3.5 stars because it will appeal to a particular genre of science fiction readers. I think the story would benefit from downsizing as it was far too wordy at times.