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Peril: A Ger Mayes Crime Novel

Peril: A Ger Mayes Crime Novel - R. A. Barnes Slow and droll start that almost had me putting down this book and thinking that not all indie books are worth reading. However, the author has a good writing style and there was just enough of a tantalizing plot that I thought I should keep reading since the author spent a good deal of time writing.

As I got past the doldrums, I found myself reading a fast paced, well crafted story, with unlikeable characters. I was hooked! I was mesmerized by the path the characters take and their tribulations.

I don't write reviews with a story synopsis, I just try to let potential readers know the strengths and weaknesses of a book. I highly recommend this book with the suggestion that you have access to a British-English dictionary at hand. There is a lot of British slang that warrant deciphering the meaning. Failure to do so actually diminishes the quality of the read. One thing has left me in a quandary. I don't really know if the ending is a great twist on a story full of twists or simply a feeble attempt at an ending to meet a deadline. It is easy to accept either as reality. I sat there for a long time thinking about the ending and the book as a whole. I select the former as the answer to my quandary but you may not.

In summary, please pick up this book in any format available. Be patient and you will be more that satisfied.