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The Very Long, Long Weekend of Tom Iris

The Very Long, Long Weekend of Tom Iris - G.W. Davies Is adjectivitis a real word? The author, G.W. Davies has managed to use every adjective known to the English language.
The story doesn't start until about half way through the book. I was ready to put the book down when it started to pick up and start to make sense. The story simply took too long to develop but, once started, it was interesting with a bit of a twist to the ending.
One major problem with the book was the lack of editing. There were numerous areas of the book lacking punctuation. That is usually not much of a problem to me but given the writing style of many adjectives, similies, and run on sentences caused me to have to re-read many, many sentences to see what was intended. The lack of editing destroyed the flow for me.
I start reading every book with a three star rating in mind and adjust as I go. The story and interest level would have received four stars but the lack of editing and drawn out beginning really lowered the rating.
The real bottom line for me is that I will give this author another read in the hope that he/she learns from the reviews and edits the next book.