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Counting from Zero

Counting from Zero - Alan B. Johnston The author is obviously very adept in the internet and VoIP world and especially with the related security issues. Unfortunately, the bulk of readers are not and this book will not appeal to them or have them dismissing it early never to again read Alan Johnston. That is unfortunate IMHO.

I am a novice in the IT security world. I trust the internet pretty much but do use the tools provided through Comcast and Microsoft essentials to protect me. I did not understand a great deal of the binary speak but I took the time to look past that. I think the writing style is very readable. The characters are alive and their personalities show through. I enjoyed this thriller even though the ending was nothing more than a set up for the sequel and continuing saga of the botnet.

The author has written a novel that deserves a read but he must understand that he is severely limiting his audience. I hope that the sequel is less technical (although some is necessary for the storyline) and more engaging for the average reader. Alan Johnston is a good writer. I only hope he can stray from the in-depth IT techno babble speak.

Give this book a try!