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Vestal Virgin

Vestal Virgin - Suzanne Tyrpak, Blake Crouch Other reviews tell you the storyline of this fine novel set in Rome during the time of Nero so I will concentrate on the writing.

Suzanne Tyrpak has shown herself to be a first tier writer. She has woven a tale of life and tribulations of a historically accurate Vestal Virgin. I was unaware that they even existed. Suzanne has crafted a wonderfully articulate story of fictional characters interwoven amongst historical figures.

Characters are introduced cleanly giving the reader the ability to immerse themselves in the story. There are a fair number of characters that are interwoven yet there is no confusion regarding their purpose. Throughout the book, I felt that I was the proverbial fly on the wall. I felt that I could actually visualize the story rather than just reading words on a page.

The writing style is engrossing – you are drawn in and kept entranced. If I had a physical book I am sure that I would have been unable to put it down. I read the first half on my iPhone which is not the best medium. I finished using a Kindle reader app which allowed me to read more in one sitting.

I believe Ms. Tyrpak has established herself as an author capable of competing with the mainstream published authors. I am waiting with great anticipation for her next novel that I understand may be out by years end.