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Crossroads Road: A Novel

Crossroads Road: A Novel - Jeff Kay You are at the cinema really enjoying a movie and, BAM, it is over and you are not ready for an ending. You swear the movie was only 30 minutes long even though it was two hours. Deja Vu - Crossroads Road fits this scenario completely. I was in no way ready for it to end.

This book is an insight into a hilarious dysfunctional family through the eyes of a wannabe writer Jovis (Joseph) McIntire. He is probably the only sane adult member of this extended family and is the narrator of this hopefully fictional story. The saga centers on the family matriarch who wins a lottery and uses these funds to assemble her brood and others in a custom built neighborhood in SoCal where she can oversee EVERYTHING.

If you are wondering where your sense of humor has gone and are having trouble finding it, look no further than this book. The story is hilarious. It is very clever, imaginative, and bright. Make sure that you have a generous block of time to devote to reading because you will have a hard time putting it down.

This is Jeff Kay's first novel and hopefully the first of many. He has a humor website, The West Virginia Surf Report, that you can visit to get a glimpse of his writing style and sense of humor.

Question for Jeff: Is Andy really the kind of a name you would give to a dog?