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The Ragnarök Conspiracy - Erec Stebbins

Having read a number of Erec Stebbins novels and having enjoyed them all, I decided to read his debut novel to see how good he was when he first burst on the scene as a published author.  Overall, I was not disappointed but was not overwhelmed.

The story started out with high potential for an outstanding novel of intrigue and a great thriller. Halfway through I was thinking how great the book was and ready to rate 5 stars.  The more I read I started to think that it was getting a bit wonky and far-fetched.  I really have to wonder if the author was having a difficult time writing an ending that was worthy of the first half of the story.

The characters were well developed as expected from my previous readings by this author.  I just wish the ending had been comparable to the beginning.  Overall it is a decent read and does showcase the author's writing skills.