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Espionage and intrigue in sub-saharan Africa

The Helpers: An International Tale of Espionage and Corruption - Suzanna E. Nelson

I enjoy books that I can learn about different cultures and areas of the world. This book is centered on Kinshasha Congo. There is a struggle between the government and ethnic rebels. The story is generally well written with a diverse cast of solid characters. I think the plot flows very well. I have heard of the ethnic issues between tribes in Africa and enjoyed reading about how it is manifested.

The title literally does tell the whole story. Throughout the entire book there are numerous stunning examples of espionage and the associated corruption. Fortunately this is a fairly long book. I say fortunately because the author needed the space to develop each of the many characters and tie them into the action. I do caution readers to take their time to make sure they understand the complex storyline as they go. The storyline is very thorough and it is worth the effort to immerse yourself into all that is on the page. It is very clear that the author understnds the culture she writes about and how the African cultures tie into colonial trappings of France and Belgium.

This is a very good and well researched book. It was not written by an author that can just sit down and flow words onto a page. This is a deliberate literary work. I very highly recommend everyone give it the read it deserves.