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Legacy: 2014 Christmas Special (Require: Cookie) - Grace McDermott

I am not sure how this book fits into the Require Cookie series. For me it doesn't really matter because I found the writing and storyline to be very well done. In fact, I will at least read the stated first in the series to check out the series.

This particular novella is only about 53 pages long so the $2.99 price point is too high to buy on a regular basis. I was fortunate to obtain a free copy (through LibraryThing I believe) in exchange for an honest review.

Honestly, I initially rated this novella at 4 stars but while writing this review I contemplated the story and raised the review to 5 stars. The story has some rough passages that you may well expect in a paranormal book setting. The primary character is a crude and rough scoundrel. However, he finds out something that makes him want to leave a legacy. That legacy is the real backbone of this story and shows the humanity that can be found in this scoundrel. I found the ending of this booklet to be heart whelming. I encouraqe you to read this novella.