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Nightmare Along the River Nile: A Story of Twentieth Century Slavery - S. E. Nelson

We abolished slavery 150 years ago. Unfortunately, slavery is alive and well especially where the western world used to get its slaves. Slavery is rampant in Africa and this is the story of one such young African boy from Uganda.

I read The Helpers by this author and was impressed by her knowledge of the culture and politics of central Africa. I really enjoyed that book so I searched out this one. I was cautioned by the author that the dialogue and grammar were written to reflect the actual usage by the Africans in Uganda and Sudan. The preface to the book also points this out. I mention this because many of the lower rated reviews complain about this aspect of the book. For me it simply added a touch of realism.

This book is two parallel stories. One is the story of the person (Eddie) abducted and sold into slavery. His experiences at the hands of the black Africans and at the hands of the Arabs that ultimately bought him. The other is the story of Eddie's friends and their relatives as they struggle to arrange for his freedom. There is a great deal of insight into the African culture.

This book would be a good candidate for a screenplay. I think the world needs to raise the awareness of the rampant slave trade both inside and out of Africa. For those of you that choose to read this book, you will be tantalized by a rather large excerpt from the Helpers