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Five Suns of Treason (Five Suns Saga Book 1) - Jim Heskett

I initially thought that this book was a compilation of short stories with a similar theme. As I read more, I realized that this book revolved around a central theme that the world was going to end due to a collision with a giant meteor. Then it all made sense and the stories each became a bit more thought provoking.

The individual stories were too short to allow the development of characters but that is not important to the overall story line. I did find the writing to be enjoyable and the book was more of a 4.5 star read. The reason that I down rated the rating is because I think the book was written to entice the reader into the premise. I don't like it when short books (In this case very short only 70 pages) are written that essentially require the reader to buy numerous books to get what should have been compiled into normal size books.