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Quite clearly a 6 star book

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

I read this based on the recommendation by my wife. I thought so much of the book that I looked at the reviews to see how well it fared. I was struck that 8% of the Amazon reviewers actually rated this masterpiece below 4 stars. That just shows that there are a lot of people that just don't get it when faced with literary greatness!


There are thousands of reviews that explain the story and go into lengths about the magnificent characters. I will not rehash other than to say that I agree completely.


In truth, I had a bit of a difficult time with the beginning of the book. I was confused by the narrator and the short kind of cryptic paragraphs. So, persevere and you will figure out and come to embrace them. As you are probably aware, Death is the narrator and came close to being my favorite character in the book. The short cryptic paragraphs give some great insights into the "bones" of the story.


Since it has been almost 10 years since this book was first published, my review is not going to generate much in the way of sales. I just wanted to take the opportunity to praise the quality of work by this talented author. I will have to search out his other works.