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Eyes of the Dead (The Gardens, #1) - Adam Netherlund

What do you get when you combine what is actually a very good storyline with atrocious editing and perhaps very poor writing? The answer is Eyes of the Dead. Unlike other readers, I stuck with this book as I feel authors spend a good deal of time writing the book and I can read it in only a few hours. When I peeled away all the negative aspects of this book, I found a very interesting character of great depth. I also found a very interesting plot that kept me going.

This book is difficult to read because of either the poor writing or complete lack of editing. In truth, it seems like the author used a speech to text type software program but only when he was high on something. There is so much rambling and nonsensical "stuff" that it drags the story down. Would I read another of his books? Only if it were free or the author promised that it was edited thoroughly.