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A fantastic story of the Great Depression and how some survived.

1929 Jonathan's Cross - Book One - M.L. Gardner

At this writing, there are 637 reviews on Amazon. I don't know how much more I could add but I will give it a brief attempt. My comment about so many reviews is that I cannot fathom how 11 reviewers could only give this fine book of historical fiction only 1 star.


I am delighted to come across this book. I never experienced a period like the depression. I did experience the crash of 2008 when I retired and my investments circled the toilet. It may have been depression lite but nothing like what the characters in this book experienced. Compared to this book, I had it extremely easy. I am so glad that this is a six book series - I intend to read them all in order.


The characters in this book are all very different from each other yet they find themselves to be best friends living a life of luxury due to their success in the world of investing. They had no idea of what 1929 would bring since history had never been so cruel to investors. When the crash came, these three families found themselves to be immediately without everything except the bare necessities - their world was turned upside down. This book will be an eye opener to most as the reader experiences what was so common in 1929.


The real genius of this story is how well the characters are crafted and developed. You will feel like you are a fly on the wall as you read the story.