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Elizabeth's Heart - Book Two - M.L. Gardner

While reading, I was tempted to give this book 4 stars since it seemed to not follow 1929 Jonathan's Cross very well. I kept reading and threw that concern out the window. The few characters in this book are crafted and developed as good as the ones in the first book. The story line was equally interesting and I wanted to see where it went. I was rewarded with an "aha" when I realized the tie-in to the first book.

I am a 67 year old burly man. I take umbridge with those that feel this series is for women and that it religates men to show weakness. I feel the writing does show human emotion which I personally wish was more prevalent in society. I think that good should trump bad.

This book is not what I expected but I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book takes a step away from the historical fiction aspect of the series and gives the reader a enjoyable story of survival in a world out to get you.